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Artificial Gaze Pt 2
         I walked down the long rows in the Bazaar with the baby girl wrapped up in my arms with a sheet around her, shopping for cloths that she could wear so she wouldnt have be naked 100 percent of the time. I never would have thought tI I was be spending money to raise a child, especially when I am not even in a relationship with any women. Every now and then someone would ask me about the baby. I didnt really know what to say to them and I would normally say that she's my neice or somthing along those lines.
         I also picked up supplies that I would need to raise her, I wasnt exactly sure how long would this chiled be with me, I might as well assume that I would have to raise her as if I was her father. So I picked up Diapers and food that she would be able to eat, and a few "How to raise a child" books since I have no idea what I am doing, it's rather sad really. Though I am very surpr
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Race Data: The Loki
Demonym: Loki
Nicknames: Winged Neko, Flying Neko, Sky Travellers
Home Dimension: Felarya
Location: Mt. Høy (South of the Dridder Forest and Ruins of Old Supprozad)
Average Age: Young (0-6), Juvenile (7-15), Adult (16-?)
Appearance: Standing at an average of 10 to 12 feet tall, the Loki are a rather imposing race by human standards.  They have several features that alone would not distinguish them among the other habitants of Felarya but are a strange combination when seen.  They have a humanoid appearance but possess catlike ears and tail that resemble that of the Neko race.  However, the Loki also have a pair of wings that typically stretch to twice their body length when fully spread.  Beyond these very evident features, the legs and hips of the Loki are much more shapely and longer than that of regular humans.  This is in part because the Loki always stand on the balls of their toes.
:iconacturis:Acturis 5 2
The Temple of Somewhat Peril
Susie and the Temple of Somewhat Peril
"Geeze, this place sure isn't friendly" Susie brush a coco bang out of her twinkling jade eyes as she looked down into the pit before her. The pit she had just barely avoided tripping into as she took her first steps into the crumbling, vine covered entrench of this ancient tomb that smelled heavily of decay and the lilacs growing just outside the entrance not ten feet away. Ten feet below her stood a garden of jagged spikes, with a decaying skeleton laying scattered about the spikes, dressed in a tattered beige shirt and shorts, a lone spear jutting up out of its eye socket.
"It's almost as if they don't want us to break into their tomb and rob their dead." Noodle ran a hand through his short, sunny blond hair as he leaned up against Susie's neck, his lemon yellow tail draped lazily over her shoulders like a boa.
"I've told you a million times, we're not grave robbers," She pulled the pale pink kerchief off of her head, brushed back her short, cu
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T. B. C. C. F.
The blessed curse of Clayton Finch ch1
The dark clouds boomed their threatening message and lightning lit up the sky. The horrendous storm boasted to tear Felarya a new one as it pounded relentlessly at the jungle. Every sensible creature had sought refuge prior to the storm so only the complete idiots or very brave remained outside, however those individuals would be the sole witnesses to the latest unfortunate arrivals to the vore dimension.
The portal spun open and spat out an absolutely humungous blood-red zeppelin, closely pursued by another airship of a blue color signifying it as law enforcement. The two were engaged in combat as cannons and rockets tore the space between them apart. Aboard the pirate airship stood a very tense captain who personally manned the helm of his ship, the Paradigm, in order to evade capture as he had the upmost confidence in his current helmsman, he thought it necessary to take control.
Things had been getting worse by the minute. Fi
:iconastrozombie241:astrozombie241 3 9

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Felarya manga

The Felarya Manga is now available ! :dance:
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Your opinion about Star Wars Episode 8 ? 

392 deviants said It was pretty good.
384 deviants said I didn't see it.
318 deviants said It was kind of meh.
253 deviants said I loved it !
250 deviants said It was awful !

The last jedi

Mon Feb 19, 2018, 1:05 PM

I din't make a review for the Episode 8 of Star Wars yet so here it is ^^  
The 7 ended with a lot unanswered questions and roads to explore and I was really curious to see where the 8 would lead. Well... let's say it didn't lead where I was expecting it to XP

The movie left me entertained but fairly confused and with mixed feelings ...

The very first minutes start strangely with an humorous scene that just felt.. out of place? Normally I wouldn't mention it since it's just a detail but it's the first of many such moments that felt off to me in that movie.
The realisator Rian Johnson seems to take repeated little jabs at the saga as a whole, not at the most opportune moments, striping certain scenes of their emotion or atmosphere. I haven't made any research on the subject but is there some kind of bad blood between Rian Jonhson and J.J. Abrams ? Because I feel Rian Jonhson had fun to gleefully deconstruct a lot of what Abrams set up in episode 7, especially characters, in a way that looked to me he was almost trolling him or the saga..
And then there are a couple of big plotholes in the movie. The biggest one is - I'll keep it vague to not spoil - what they did with the republic flagship.....
I mean.. WOW. The moment is very impressive aesthetically and very striking but.... uhhh doesn't it immediately begs some very very pressing questions afterwards? on the future but mostly the past of the series?

There are a fair bit of such inconsistencies sadly. It seems to me that Rian Jonhson is driven by a desire to deliver striking scenes here and he is just twisting everything he needs in order to obtains them, with a lot of disregard for consistency and coherence.  
If you combine that with the previous issues, you start to get a really disjointed movie and plot.

I also get what he was going for with Luke's character and the whole grumpy, disillusioned ermit thing  but I really disagree with how he did it. I couldn't help but think it felt very out of character and weak. Am I the only one shocked that Luke doesn't even grieve when he learns of his old friend's death?? Hell even Rey seemed more affected than him o.o
Some people who are very upset with the film speak of "character assassination". I wouldn't go that far but after I saw the movie I now understand why Mark hamill wasn't thrilled at all by how his character was written.
Speaking of Rey, she's seriously turning into a full fledged Mary sue here... She pretty much excels immediately in everything she sets up to do, be it swordfighting against elite guards, piloting ships, shooting TIE fighters, mastering the force...  all that with barely even breaking a sweat... hum.

I have read the realisator boasting that his movie was "subversive" Well in a sense it was. but the real question is : was it needed?
I mean sure you can put some surprises to take fans of guard but when you do it systematically and in a way that disregard previous episodes or even mock what was done before.. then it start to become a real problem and you're not doing a very good job as a realisator imho...

Episode 7 had many issues of its own ( mostly plot related ) but none so glaring and fundamental as repeated issues of tone and consistencies, which kind of make me worried for the trilogy as a whole. I have simply no idea at all what they are going to go for the 9 after all the events of the 8. The whole thing is kind of a mess really.

I'm aware my tone is very critical here so let me say there are also great scenes in this movie and very striking moments; For exemple those moments between Rey and Kylo Ren were interesting, as well as learning what really happened between Luke and Kylo ren years ago. Some space scenes were very spectacular visually as well.

In the end though, I'm really mixed and perplexed on this episode. I had a good moment watching it but there are too many things that made me scratch my head and took me out of it ^^;

And you, if you saw it what was your opinion? :3


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