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In general, which part of my work appeal to you the most ? 

247 deviants said The imagination and the universe behind it
214 deviants said The vore
178 deviants said The Sexyness
94 deviants said The characters' personnalities and design
84 deviants said The technical aspect : drawing / coloring / composing
51 deviants said the backgrounds and atmosphere
29 deviants said Something else

Devious Comments

Somekind0fstrange Featured By Owner 10 minutes ago
First 4 I think are certain trademarks I would (usually) associate with with a Karbo piece :happybounce: 

I mean Vivian is just fantastic, as are many of the others. Creations all to be proud of most definitely, and then coupled with vistas that draw you in it's a real treat when a new offering is uploaded.
kmathel94 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist
For me the Vote, the characters, the mythos and the universe(atmosphere).  Plus that special 'Karboness' that only you gotwinker Fella (Reaction) 
MotoNeko Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
i think it's the imagination and the atmosphere around it :D
Leriodenbron Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Can I vote twice? I'd like to vote for vore again haha
PrinnyDood-Abides Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
All of it! :XD:

But seriously, long ago I was drawn here just by the voreness and gaint boobs, and only once I'd been here a while did I discover how captivating the setting and characters were, and came to really appreciate the gorgeous and fantastical landscapes and environments you create.  I'm not exadurating at all when I say it's inspired me enormiously over the years.  :D
tursiops33 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I said the imagination and universe behind it, but I could have added the sexiness too. ;)
kukuru11933 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
the mouths
SithLordNergal Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
I love the imagination and universe of it all. You made a beautifully dangerous world. Even if I wasn't into vore I'd love it because its a fantasy world the kind I've never seen. You have magic and tech living side by side, so many options to create and build...its a dream world. Though one I'd never want to visit. ;P
whatsagoodone Featured By Owner 13 hours ago   Photographer
The first 3
Ishoam Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
The first three
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