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Do you play a MMORPG ? 

816 deviants said Yes occasionnaly
535 deviants said Yes I'm a hardcore player :headbang:
433 deviants said No but I did at a point
290 deviants said No and never did
67 deviants said No ! Vade retro ! :fear:

Devious Comments

fly954 Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Maplestory and team fortress 2
Filanwizard Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everquest and now WoW...

I will say Woe to any giant naga that would dare try and snack on my EQ wizard! hehe....

never mind my Shadow Priest or Enh Shaman from WoW.. they are engineers... with lots of explosives.. oh and an actual device called a shrink ray LOL.
play wow every now and then ^^
World Of it really a shocker lol
I play poptag and maplestory does that count as MMORPG?
DevanStar Feb 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
MapleStory and Cabal... recently just MapleStory
Im an x-wow druid was an endgame raider and all have tried a number of good free to play mmo's also but strangely have fallen in love with Eve online, it always seemed like some boring space banking sim but I found it was actually a lot of fun and unlike any other MMORPG I have tried so far Eve allows you to really have an impact on the world the game is not very suited to solo play witch can feel a bit grindy but when played with a corp of real life players this game can get incredibly immersible if you try it out my tip is join a corp thas does something your interested in there as many to choose from and people have the imagination to create, Mercenaries, Mafioso, space police, assassins, space pirates [easy to spot as the say "Yarrr" all the time] truckers, Miners, bounty hunters, spies[these exist but are very secretive, Manufacturing, asteroid Minning, smuglers, faction warfare role playing, deep space exploration, and 0.0 nationhood [ these are vast empires of players that fight to hold their own territory beyond the safety of civilized space ].
yukimujaki68 Feb 1, 2011   Digital Artist
played dofus for a month. then phantasy star universe on 360 (now cancelled) and my current mini mmo is psp2 or phantasy star portable 2 xD yay for free mmos 8D
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