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Submitted on
February 6, 2011



Vore comic

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 2:24 AM

I have officially started on it ^^
and you know what ? it feels good :D
that will be pure vore without wondering if someone will be offended by it or not and darnn I missed that XD

Like I mentionned previously , Lately I believe my work has been hindered by a desire to please a bit too much people and that's a bad thing ( in both way of course ). So yeah I'm on it and so far it's looking good :)
It will be shorter than the manga, about 30-40 pages I think. Some preview pages will come soon  ! :3

Also I like a lot this change DA made to how you write a journal. I'm not sure if everybody see it yet or if it's only in beta-test, but it's looking very handy ! ^_^

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:   

The fourth big contest opens now !! :D :headbang:
It has been a long time since the last one. This time it is for colorists ^_^

You have to color this lineart : Demi Chimera contest by Karbo or Demi Chimera Nude by Karbo ( nude version )

Every details and infos here :…

Felarya lore

Image Description

Join the The Felarya group ! :dance:

The Felarya WIKI. Thanks a lot to El portero for setting it up for me ^_^

Follow my ramblings on twitter :D

My Pixiv account. You may want to use either Chrome or an automated translation program if you want to browse that amazing site :)


Image Description
If you like my work and want to express your support for it with a donation, it is very welcome ! this will help to keep me going :hug: ;p…

Next works to come

- Vore picture with Peach

- ending screen for Kiki's game

- Surprise picture



Tolmeshal forest by Karbo Kahla by Karbo Demoness in the mist by Karbo :shop16132178: :shop13713168: End of the battle by Karbo :shop10979382: :shop13508933: :shop13509173: gerridi in the mist by Karbo :shop7612138: :shop10995722: Jungle of perils by Karbo Fairy Kingdom by Karbo :shop10528459: :shop9892525: :shop7680724: :shop7763924: :shop6818163: Chidokai sunset by Karbo :shop6811001: :shop5971435: :shop5993663: :shop5738025: :shop6015354: :shop4781991: :shop4671486: :shop4675679: :shop9891575: :shop3154444: :shop11373475: :shop13509357: :shop7997343: :shop8154526: :shop367981: Katrika vore by Karbo :shop392217: :shop392359: :shop392503: :shop8118832: :shop8124823: :shop6804374: :shop1079311: :shop1079101: :shop11989751: :shop1508698: :shop10979206: :shop1242319: :shop8124737: :shop8155285: :shop6761737: :shop2057604: :shop2093979: Dealing with bullies by Karbo

:bulletblue: About this "vore thing" : If you wonder what is vore : you could describe that as a fascination toward the act of consumption. A particular interest to see a creature eat another.

:bulletblue: About my work : I try to do polished and well finished pictures so even people who aren't into vore can somewhat find them pleaseant.
If you don't like them just because it is vore please refrain from PM me about it...

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Hotaru-Suzume Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011   General Artist
You appear to have exceeded your Photobucket bandwidth.
PrinnyDood-Abides Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
I approve! In my opinion, sometimes you've gotta just relax and indulge your shameless side. I know I do from time to time. ...OK, maybe even a little more often than is absolutely necessary, in my case. :XD:

Anyway, good luck with it, and even more importantly, have fun! :D
abraxa Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011   Traditional Artist
Nice, I'll look forward to reading it when you're done.
Always fun to see more vore art from you Karbo.
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist
lol, Eka's Portal is going to go nuts over this x3

Also, I like the journal as well, easier to use, even the journal skins, though I STILL don't have a custom skin yet.

It's good that you're doing something that you like without caring how others feel. I support you fully ^_^
DarkDragon247 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Just do your thing and enjoy the ride! :D
Karbo Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
will do =p
Netufi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall look forward to your manga-comic of vory proportions. You can never have too much vore. Unless all the main characters have been vorefied, then I guess that's a little too much. Even then, it depends.
icenm Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
I think this is the best news I've heard all year.
dodoman1er Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
Je suis curieux de voir de quoi ša va l'air
thatonedude236 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
It's good to cut loose every so often and free yourself from your own restrictions.

I'm one of those that are in the middle.

Will this be for sale like the manga?
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