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October 5, 2012


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The fifth Felarya contest opens now ! :dance:
This time it is for writers  ^_^

The theme : Becky the pirate mermaid.
It's directly inspired by this picture Welcome aboard the Becky by Karbo
Yes, it's a little crazy concept but I thought there were actually a good amount of elements that could make for an interesting and original story :D

So write a story about Becky and her crew ^^

Becky sees herself as a full member of the crew : She shares their life, she laugh and drink with them, she has her word when decisions are taken, she protect them and take part in combat, but she is like a blank sheet of paper at this stage. You will have complete free rein to imagine her personality, behavior, quirks and back-story and basically turn her into a full-fledged character.
There are several aspects you can chose to play on :  
her relation with the rest of the crew, the personality and role of the various pirates, how that strange system works and hold, how that deal happened in the first place, who is this very serious-looking man at the stirring-wheel XP  etc..
You can have vore or not, you can chose to illustrate the picture or do something completely different. Are they just sailing the sea in search of targets, are they adventuring in search of a treasure ?
The choice is yours ^^

Some more precisions about Becky's appearance :
Becky's tatoos by Karbo
The wiki where you can find some useful infos about Felarya in general :…

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The entries will be judged on :
- The writing : how well the story flows.  Does it pulls the reader in with striking scenes and descriptions that make them travel in ?

- The characters : Do you manage to make Becky an interesting and memorable character ? Unique, with her own personality and traits but in the same time blending well with the rest of the universe ? And what about the rest of the crew ?

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-The prizes :
:winner: 1st :  A fully colored and extra-finalized illustration, possibly of your story if you wish , or of (almost ) anything of your choice ^^

2nd : A normal colored illustration

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The rules :

- Multi-entries are allowed but avoid submitting more than two ( or remove one previous entry from the contest before )

-If you enter the contest, you agree that I can possibly display your entry in the Felarya wiki or use some element of it.

-Because there are some non-English-people who could enter, you are authorized to ask an editor to check up and correct your writing if you wish.

-If you enter the contest, well you must accept there is the eventuality you don't win in the end... It may seems silly to say but if you are not prepared for it, you should probably not enter ^^;

-The deadline is the 28th December but it's not engraved in stone and is subject to changes. If it happens it will be properly signaled tough.

Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions, if possible here on the journal so everyone got to see the answer :)
I hope this contest will be a success. I'm eagerly waiting to see your entries ! ;)

The new Tome of the manga is out ! ^_^…
More infos about previous tomes here :… and you can visit my store here : : :)
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Wait, wait, wait! Hold the phone... There's another extension?! To the 20th of January?! Aw man... all that rushing to finish my story for nothing xD Well... I suppose that means there's enough time to throw in another story entry before then. Now the question is whether or not I want to do it about when Aiden first met Becky, or perhaps a sequel more focused on Black Leg John... hmmmmm...
Karbo Jan 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
well yes ^^ ;
I realized there were several people who really wanted to enter and couldn't because they either started writing too late or left for the vacations. so in the end I thought an extension was a nice idea. I am sorry if you feel hurried for nothing ^^;
Here's my contest entry!


Hopefully I'm not too late... and my story will be good and awesome enough to win >_> *fingers crossed*

I kind of doubt I'll win though given all the skilled writers in this contest though :P But hey! Another story for you to peruse Karbo!
Karbo Dec 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
A great and very solid entry here :D
but do you think you could submit it to DA ? so I could put it in the contest folder :)
Thank you very much ^_^ I'm honored that you enjoyed my story :D

I have now uploaded my story to my gallery so that you may put it into the contest folder. You're lucky I like you and your work so much, because it was being quite stubborn to convert into a PDF file :P I'm looking forward to seeing who will win your contest, and I was glad I got the opportunity to have such a fun prompt to work with.
Well, I've officially gone off the deep end. Despite working a job that demands 70 hour weeks from me and a lot of travel, I've been writing a story, almost exclusively when I should have been sleeping. The results? A 79 page story, going to be pushed above 80 when I insert chapter breaks.

I'm going to end up skimping on the editing so I can get this sucker published. I'll aim to have it up by Saturday, but the sooner, the better. I will breathe such a sigh of relief once this is off my plate!!!!
Whew, just posted it. Hope you like it- I certainly put a lot of effort into it!

Good luck to everyone- I don't mind winning or losing- it's the journey that mattered most to me! Thanks for hosting this contest and getting me to try something I otherwise wouldn't have.
Did you say 80 pages?!

._. I suddenly feel very outclassed.
Same here. But I read his story and it's actually very well written. Nice work, :iconsenecahyde: !
I just finished reading it... I'm sort of in awe still. I still feel I stand a chance oddly enough but... wow.
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