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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Tue Feb 14, 2017, 10:27 AM

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a real-time tactic game focused on stealth and infiltration taking place in Japan during the Edo era ( which I always found fascinating ^^)  You use a cast of characters each coming with their own set of skills and specialty. For example one of them is a frail, young girl but fast and excellent at laying traps, another one is a bulky, tough samurai, unable to walk thin ledges but is unparalleled on close combat, one is a crafty spy able to wear disguise, another one is a full-fledged ninja, deadly with his shurikens etc..

It’s basically a revival of the old commando games genre, famous for their mechanics based on line of sight, hiding in various places and concealing slain enemies. But where STBOTS really shines is it take that genre, update it and improve it on nearly every levels !
The game is now in 3D and so fully rotatable, which add a ton to it. It introduces new mechanics to the genre ( night missions or snowy regions for example) that significantly modify the gameplay.

It’s a pretty hard and patient game. You have to formulate plans, explore and weight the possibilities the environment has to offer, time correctly the return of a patrol, sometimes scrapping an action that was too bold and impossible to execute without raising the alarm and come back to the drawing board. Some parts toward the end almost feel like a puzzle where you have to find the Achile heel of an incredibly well defended fortress and, once you found it, make your way little by little.
It could sound tedious but it's actually very satisfying to play and captivating :D
There is noting like executing a complex, simultaneous action and watching it unfold, dispatching three guards in one instant, just before a heavy patrol comes back and you dragged away all the remnant of the battle the second they turn the corner. That put a grin on my face on more than one occasion XP And sometimes it's the complete opposite, with the game throwing your plans completely out of the windows with a guard you didn't expect at all becoming a little too curious with his friends following two meters behind him... and then you have to improvise, quickly

The AI can be surprising, and enemies are a lot smarter than in old Commando games. They can notice missing guards, organize impromptu search parties, spot your footsteps in the snow and decide to follow them etc. Raising an alarm is also a huge deal. Every guards becomes instantly more wary, new patrols appears and guards get out of nearby buildings, rushing toward your spot. it can get messy very very fast.
Another area the game unexpectedly improves a ton compared to its predecessors is the story !  STBOTS’s story is actually pretty solid and the characters are attaching and moving. It might not be the scenario of the century but it’s clearly involving and becomes a driving force behind the player’s action. You finish a level partly because you want to see what will happens next ^^

The game has its flaws of course. For example the different type of enemies are a bit limited and some mechanics feel a little too systematic at times. For example there is a map where a fortress is being besieged and there are barricade to barricade ranged battles. Enemies are in the middle of a war with loud gunshots bursting every seconds and yet when they see YOU or the corpse of one of their comrade YOU slew in the middle of ten others who felt during combat, they become crazy and raise the alarm :paranoid: There is also some slight control problems to click on the ground when the camera is not facing the right angle..
So in the end I’d say the game comes short of being a masterpiece but it’s still a very good and solid one that I enjoyed a lot :) It was a late great surprise of the year ^^
So if you like stealth and infiltration games, or you are a nostalgic fan of the old commando series, I really recommend it ! I don't think you will be disappointed :D
And you ? What are the games you are awaiting this year ? :3 


Wed Jan 25, 2017, 1:56 PM

ASMR... What’s that ? XP
it stands for "Autonomous sensory meridian response"
It’s a sensory phenomenon you probably know well :  a pleasant tingly feeling going slowly around you neck and down your spine.
I just discovered it had a name =p
It’s triggered by various things , that varies a lot from one person to another. For example for me it’s mostly visual and I can get it from looking at a beautiful picture.

A friend showed me some…. interesting videos XD  Seemingly very random : Someone carving a piece of soap, cutting a spool of yarn, handling sand etc.
What they have in common is there is something in the sound that trigger that ASMR, that tingling sensation. Somehow the sounds feels... cozy?  It’s very hard to put the finger on it but it does something XD

For me an after one hour of listening, it just made me feel very relaxed :D  Try it yourself :3  The image is not important , it’s just a background sound to put while you are working ^^

I'm not sure it will works for you but it sure does for me :D

I saw Rogue one and..

Sun Jan 15, 2017, 11:33 AM

It was good ! :D
Imho it was better than the force awakens ^^

If you haven't seen it, Rogue One is a Star Wars spin off that let us see the adventure of the band of rebels who managed to steal the plans of the Death star. It takes place just before episode 4.
There are a lot of things to like in this movie.

First, it's pretty different than the episodes of the main stories with some real surprises along the way. Its tone is darker, more tense and desperate, and the rebellion looks a lot dirtier than usual. The Rogue one folks are basically a band of criminals, ancient prison inmates and all sort of misfits with a sarcastic re-programmed imperial droid among their rank ( who also happens to be the best character of the movie imho  XD )
To be honest I think the movie started rather poorly with the first few scenes being extremely scattered with a strangely confusing narration. However the movie then seems to constantly gather some pace from there and keeps getting better and better until a finish that was downright epic and made me want to re-watch episode 4 XP
I loved a lot the battle scenes in Rogue one. Unlike in episode 7 they were clear and carried a sense of purpose and urgency that made them intense and captivating. At the final battle when the two opposing fleets appear literally in front of each others right as they exit the hyperspace, you just know some serious shit is about to go down XD In a sense it was like a war movie but set in the SW universe.

One thing I also really loved in Rogue one is how you get the feeling of traveling to foreign and exotic worlds, with some very majestic scenes. Like I said in my short review of the 7, a thing I didn't like was how "earthern" many landscapes looked. However in Rogue one they mostly corrected that by adding a sense of gigantism and immense scales that really make you often pause for a second !

Uh oh...  *whistle the imperial march theme*

The characters are a bit more of a mixed bag. There are some I really liked   (K-2SO ^^ ) but the two protagonists were quite bland and Jyn in particular looked strangely passive and almost uninterested during a good part of the movie. It's like she was being dragged by the events unfolding and was forced to grudgingly follow rather than acting out of conviction. That might well be the case because of her past but that made her into a rather poor leader, not very convincing :/ I wished a bit more life had been put in those two. More exchanges, more signs they were alive and cared... Ah well.
Darth Vader make his appearance too. When I saw him I was thrilled and then honestly a little bit disappointed. The scene was short, punctuated by a slightly out of place joke. I remember thinking "that's it ?"  But oh boy was I wrong XD
Nope that was not it.  He has a pretty damn badass scene later in the story that is going to stay in memories and illustrate perfectly why this man was the nightmare of the rebellion back then X3

So yeah, some flaws about the rhythm in the beginning , a couple of rather bland characters but overall it was really good !  Personally i really enjoyed Rogue one and I clearly put it in the good star wars movies :)  The stage is set for the 8 to be as good or even better.
And you ? if you watched it what did you think ? :3

Happy new year !

Sat Dec 31, 2016, 9:37 AM

Happy new year ! :)

I admit I’m happy to see 2016 ends ^^;  This year has been somber, tense and downright terrible from start to finish in term of world events and tragedies : /  And apparently it wanted to continue until the last few days... I have my doubts as to 2017 being better for the world at large ( for instance we’re going to have a long political campaign over here ), but let's hope !

As for me, I have a ton of projects for 2017 ! many comics (including the T6 ), dozen of pictures in the work, some surprises... I can already tell it's going to be a very rich and active year :D  My Patreon has grown steadily to a point I'm now able to work mainly on those projects, with my job becoming a complement rather than the other way around ! This is simply amazing and incredibly liberating ! I really want to thank everyone of you who support me there for making that possible :hug:

My resolutions for this new year are :
-to improve on my art and especially on painting. I really want to step up my game and to be able to come up with convincing lighting in my pictures and better composing. To be able to create more striking pictures that stay in the memory :3
-I also want to support more the community and do more to develop the world. it has been rather stagnating recently and I will definitely work to change that in 2017 :3
-And lastly it’s more personal but : take it more easy ! I tend to stress and worry too much about things ( and often for things I can’t really do anything about ) and sometimes I forget to have a good time because I have too many things on my mind ^^; 2017 is a year where I will try to make the most of the simple things life has to offer, relax and really focus on my art and improvement.
Thank you very much all of you for your warm support throughout the years and for your interest in my work ^__^

So happy new year everyone ! My best wishes to all of you, your families, your relatives and the ones you love and cherish :D

Carrie Fisher, the princess Leia actress died.
She was reported to have suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday and was taken to hospital when the plane landed. She sadly passed away yesterday..
This one hits me really hard : / I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy and her character Leia was one these childhood hero figures to me. May the force be with you always, rebel princess. You'll still live on in our hearts and our imaginations...

2016. The year that just won't finish until the last day >>

Merry christmas !

Sat Dec 24, 2016, 3:30 PM

A merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all ^_^
I hope you are having a good time and my best wishes to you and your relatives :)

A special thought go to my german watchers for the vile and cowardly attack they suffered : / Courage to you guys !

I’m going to take just a few days break but I’ll be back soon :) Take care and, as always, don't get eaten in the meantime  X3 (  be specially careful of dryads, they get cranky in that time of the year ! )

A possible bug ?

Sat Nov 26, 2016, 7:24 AM

I was at a friend's place the other day. We spoke a bit about art then we browsed my DA gallery on his computer and we quickly noticed a very strange bug :

My pictures appeared as normal when un-zoomed. However once we tried to zoom in, the picture would appears with very de-saturated colors, like a cyan / grey-ish filter had been applied to it, making all colors a lot less vibrant and the whole picture looking dull as a result.
I don't think it's a problem with his screen because it's able to display the pictures' true colors just fine when un-zoomed. And even stranger, we tried another gallery, and this time the bug didn't appear o_O

We tried to repeat it about a dozen times with various images of my gallery and each time they were zoomed in, this de-saturation occurred. We even tried to download the picture and the file itself was altered and had the wrong color infos when opened in photoshop.

I'm very puzzled by this...  I'd like to know if any of you have encountered a similar problem with my pictures ? :confused:
And if there are some specialists here, do you have any ideas what could be the cause of that issue ?

Thank you for your help !

EDIT : it seems it's a browser-related issue after all.

CRPG revival

Fri Nov 11, 2016, 6:26 AM

So yeah let's talk about something a bit lighter. it seems we are headed toward a renaissance of sort of the CRPG genre :3

After a near complete disappearance for what ? a decade ? they seem to be coming back in force. If you don't know them, the name CRPG stands simply for "computer role-playing games". They are very diverse and varied of course but usually they are a mix between traditional RPGs, but with more tactical elements put in, a heavy emphasis on character building, solid and meaningful dialog with multiple options, not simply on what you say but your tone as well, and a lot of freedom of movement instead of a fixed path you must follow to progress, all which make them very captivating I think ^_^
Just so you know, I’m a HUGE fan of them. Three of my favorite games of all times are from that genre ( Fallout2, Baldur’s gate 2 and Planescape: torment ) X3

The two latest ones : Pillars of eternity and Divinity original sin were two excellent games. Both very worthy successors of the genre imho :)

Pillars of eternity is something of an attempt at modernizing the aging Baldur’s gate system, with both very similar mechanics but a much less clunky feeling overall. And it does a really good job at it. The story, writing and universe building are all of a very high quality, and the combat is pretty tough at time, but really satisfying, requiring planning and thinking.  POE's main flaws are imho the last segment of the game which appears perhaps a little rushed ? and also the characters which are a little bit flat with none of them really standing out. Nonetheless an excellent game and a great BG successor :)

Divinity original sin on the other hand is an attempt at doing something really on its own, by putting an action point system and a turn-based combat in a full fantasy RPG. And it works very well.
It’s captivating and propose a rich ( and long ! ) adventure with a great feel of liberty. Moreover, they created an argument system during dialog which is both unique and funny ^^
Surprisingly, Its main flaws is also the dialog structures imho, as most of the time you just have to exhaust all options in any order, with very little differences on the final outcome... a real pity. That doesn’t means it’s badly written by any means though, but it feels too mechanical. Characters around you are quite on the chatty side too and sometimes I wished there was an option to make them talking their recurring lines less frequently ^^;   ( try to stand in the middle of the Cyseal market to see what I mean ! )
The story, while interesting, was a little confusing at times but make it up with a great finale and an ending that really left me a striking impression.

If you are a nostalgic of old CRPGS, those two games are doing a very good job at perpetuating the genre and you can honestly get them both, I doubt you'll be disappointed ;3

And the future looks promising for the genre. Tyranny just got released. It’s a game created by the same authors as Pillars of eternity where you apparently play the bad role as a an agent for an evil tyrannical empire who just conquered the world. It sounds an interesting premise, with little Manicheism ^^

Ahead is Divinity original sin 2 which looks already amazing ! The game is in early access and the reviews I heard from it are painting a game that improve on every aspects of the original which is very exciting, given how I liked DOS :D 

And of course Torment: Tides of Numenera, a game branded as the successor of Planescape: torment ( which happens to be my favorite video game of all time X3 )  should come somewhere in the next year. Although I admit this one I'm a little more cautious about from what I saw from trailer so far. It looks nice but.. well not very Planescape-ish ^^; )

If you don't know CRPGs give them a shot ! You could well discover some true little gems of gaming ;3

Also I'll release the Trio comic this week end ;)

Payposter scam warning

Mon Oct 31, 2016, 3:38 AM

There is a site who has been stealing works from numerous DA artists ( including me >> ) and apparently selling them as prints and posters.

The thing though is ( don't search for it ! ) is very likely a phishing site, trying to get personal information through either reports or people trying to buy the art. You are also very likely to end up with some nice viruses and malwares if you browse it : /  ( I'm scanning my disk as I write this )
The site appears to be only a few days old and comments on the pieces are very obviously made my bots so this makes it awfully suspicious. So yeah if you see that name appears, better just stay away from it. I suspect the site is going to vanish pretty soon anyway.

It's just sad to see how low some people are going to go  >>

What I have been up to

Thu Sep 22, 2016, 5:58 PM

I one word : a ton of things ! XD
I have a lot of projects in the work, and literally about a dozen of illustrations in various WIP stages right now :) 

The one that is going to come soon is a comic with Melany, Vivian and Malika ^^ It's about 15 pages long and for the first time for a big comic, it's going to be in full colors. It features a lot of yuri ( some of it very explicit ) as well as a lot of vore.
It was a reward for a milestone on Patreon and has been created closely in collaboration with my patrons ( the base idea was chosen and voted by them there and I tweaked the pages to reflect what people wanted to see :3 )
It's going to be available freely for everyone when it's done though, which is very soon :D  Basically I'm working on the cover now, there are a couple of things to finalize on the pages but it should be all available roughly in one or two weeks.

So stay tunned people ! ;)

Love letter

Wed Aug 31, 2016, 2:34 PM

I had some friends coming at my place during those vacations. We watched some stuff, visited the capital, played some games, including a good number of tabletop ones ( Catane settlers, Smallworld, seven wonders, King of Tokyio etc .. )

And among them was a very small ( but very fun ) one :

Love letter :)

it's indeed very small : 16 cards , a couple tokens to count points and that's it.
It's very easy to explain and to understand : you basically just have to read what every cards do.  

The idea behind it is you are a member of the royal court and you try to deliver a Love letter to the princess. For that you must use an intermediary person symbolized as a a card , who has both a value depending on how close they are to the princess. For example a powerful baron of the court would have a value of only 3 because the Princess probably doesn't like him very much, but one of her maid would be 4 because she is much closer to her mistress.

The infamous Baron. We ended up calling this guy Cthulu, don't ask why XP

Each of the cards have a special effect as well when played which offer a dilemma to either keep them in hand or play them. You can draw the princess as well which of course is the highest value card of the deck as there is no better intermediary to the Princess than the Princess herself, but if you discard her under any reason, you immediately lose the round.
The player with the highest value card remaining in their hand when there are no more cards to draw wins the round ( that or all others payers are eliminated which tend to happens a lot ! )

At first It sounds like just a quick luck-based game but there is a non-negligible part of deduction and bluff involved in it as well.  And the more you play, the more surprised you are at how clever and well designed it is. It's really a charming little game that is a ton of fun, not too serious or competitive but offering short, intense and very entertaining rounds.

It could easily be considered as a filler game, one you play just in between others stuff but the fact is ... most of the time we played it actually ended up stealing the spotlight  XD

I think it really deserves to be more known . It's very portable, very easy to set up and just fun. It makes for a nice gift to make, in case you need ideas :)

Lately I find myself more and more attracted to board games. The whole genre has been undergoing a revolution those last couple of years and there has been a ton of them being released, some of them very clever, interesting and really captivating to play.
Don't hesitate if you have one to share as well :D

Back !

Sun Aug 28, 2016, 6:42 AM

I'm back :)

Well those vacations were a total blast !  and it did me a lot of good I think ^^

When you draw a lot it's easy over time to get a little burned out. And being burnt out doesn't necessary means having an art block or something. Sometimes it can be more subtle and insidious. For example just finding yourself procrastinating a lot or having a harder time to focus on a drawing can be signs from your body that it's time to take a break. And for that, hanging with friends just do wonder :3

So yeah I'm feeling very refreshed right now and in a very good state of mind, just completely ready to draw more ! I hope you had all a great vacation time as well :D

Zero Time Dilemma and vacations

Wed Jun 29, 2016, 5:54 AM

Let's talk about something more pleasant : Vacations :D

Me I'm mostly not leaving besides for a one week break at the end of august with friends so you can expect a normal rhythm of upload from me :)  What about you ? Are you taking a leave and where ? : 3

Also the game Zero Time Dilemma is out ! It's the successor of 999  : "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors", and "Virtue last reward"
Those are visual novels more than games, with puzzles and enigmas along with them but most of all : a very good story !

999  starts as a thriller : You wake up trapped in a room in a sinking boat,. Once you resolve the puzzle to exit the room, you come across a group of people from various backgrounds, all trapped on board that boat in what appears to be a sort of deadly game. A cold voice taunt them: the large ship is rigged with explosives and will sink in exactly 9 hours. They have to figure the key to open a door to the exit and salvation. But things become even trickier when it appears increasingly likely the mastermind behind that game might be hidding among them... Who are they ? and Why have they created that game in the first place ?  The story is extremely well told and downright captivating, up to a final twist that leaves you speechless ^^

Then come Virtue last reward.

This one... I wasn't sold on it in the beginning. The art style switch from a lovely drawn 2D to a more lifeless 3d style that looks quite clunky.  Again you wake up in a sort of hi tech bunker in company of various people from various backgrounds where you have to solve all sort of puzzles to collect points and trade them in a "prisoner's dilemma game" in order to be able to leave. But of course things couldn't be that easy and a killer appear to be hiding among the group. The narration of VLR is quite strange, interrupting time and time again the ongoing story with a frustrating "to be continued"  and forcing you to play a different one. Then.. little by little things start to make sense... a LOT of sense. I became astonished that everything was starting to click so perfectly, including the apparently chaotic narration. VLR tells a VERY powerful story, full of incredible twists, poignant moments including one that shattered my soul in tiny pieces and made me cry ( yes I have no shame in admitting it ! those who played the game will probably immediately know which moment I mean ). It keeps going crescendo until the end which basically punch you in the face repeatedly with crazy twists and turns and leave you on a breath-taking finish.

I'm going to say it now : VLR is one of the BEST scenario I have ever seen in a video game :)  The game is by no mean perfect : like I said visually it suffers from the 3D transition and it's way of narrating thing start off as pretty awkward until you realize it's entirely in purpose, but the amazing story more than make up for it.

So we have two very good visual novel game and the third one is out. If it's of the same caliber than it's first two predecessors, we are going to have an hell of an amazing trilogy ! :D
If you like good, thrilling stories, well written with great dialog and memorable characters or visual novels in general I really recommend those games ( well at least the two first, I don't know about the third yet )  you won't regret it ;)  ( but by any means, play the first two before the third one ! )


About the Brexit

Sun Jun 26, 2016, 12:08 AM

Well I usually try to avoid political stuff on this page but this one is really momentus so let's talk a bit about it.

I followed quite a bit the UK campaign around the "Leave" or "Stay" in EU. It was a nasty one, playing on fears and with a copious amount of lies and propaganda from both sides.
The end result is clear though, with a very high amount of participation. Brexit it is.

*personally*,  I think it’s a big mistake ..

Let’s be clear, I don’t like how the EU is now, how it behaved during the Greek crisis, how it’s handling the refugee one, how slow and clunky it is, the corruption, the naked cynicism… It’s a mess.
For all its flaws though, it’s a also a pretty convenient scapegoat and punching ball. Something is going wrong these days ? blame the EU !  We passed a nasty law to favor business and crunch on social rights ? It the EU again, we swear ! Its flaws and faults are exacerbated while the good it brings is taken for granted when politicians are not attributing themselves the credit.

Personally I was really baffled at many of the argument for the Leave. For example :  « “take back control of our lives «! » « take back control of this great country ! »

Um really ?
When you look at it in a pragmatic way, the fact is UK had a very good deal before that vote. A special position, neither in and neither out of Europe that allowed it to have a say in EU legislation while at the same time not being binded by most of it, enjoying many exemptions, not being a member of the Schengen area with control over its borders etc.
The best of the two worlds really. A privileged status that was, frankly, making a lot of others European countries grit their teeth. UK didn’t need to take back their "sovereignty" or "independence"….. because they had it all along.
Now all that has been thrown into the water, for what looks very much like a mirage to me.
And I think the two main leaders of the Brexit, Mr Farage and Mr Jonhson, played a pretty cynical game to use the Brexit as a political tool, without actually expecting it to win.  Now that it did pass they seems vaguely in panic mode and not really sure what to do next and starting to already backpedals on many promises of the campaign.  When I see Boris Johnson getting cold feet over the article 50 ( the start of the effective exit process ) I can’t help but wonder : «  does this man ( who could potentially be the next Prime minister ) even had a plan for the aftermath?

The consequences already looks pretty big for UK, from the Pound devaluation to the resignation of the Prime minister and the major political crisis looming at the horizon. Scotland also appears more and morel likely to hold a successful independence referendum to break up from the union, since Scottish people voted almost at two third for staying in the EU.

Soo yeah..  it looks to me UK just pretty much shot itself in the foot. Please keep in mind It's just my opinion though. I’m a french guy so I don’t really feel it's right to make a judgment on what is happening over the Channel… The dies are cast and the vote of the British people should be respected.
I just hope the separation will be as swift and painless as possible for everyone.

So best of luck to you UK and dear British viewers ! :)

E3 2016

Wed Jun 15, 2016, 9:35 AM

Somehow I feel that this E3 passed very fast ^^
Here are some of the things that picked my attention :3

-As an enormous fan of Shadow of the Colossus, the last guardian is a game I'm eagerly waiting, although...  I admit I'm starting to be a little worried that with such a long wait, the game is going to be too late somehow and that something won't click and ends up disappointing.. i hope I'm wrong of course XD

-The New Zelda looks amazing! I really love the art direction and the simple graphic style they are using. Many of the landscapes I saw looks place you'd like to take a stroll through. The gameplay is audacious and very different from other Zelda games. It picks a lot of ideas form others genre  ( perhaps a little too much? For example the crafting and having breakable weapons... that's something I'm a little skeptical about in a Zelda game ). The atmosphere looks also a LOT different as well. The world has a sort of emptiness to it, as if it's derelict and a big tragedy has taken place here, as hinted by what looks like the moss-covered carcasses of big mechanical beasts. There is something slightly eerie in the air,  like something big and dark is looming under the peaceful nature, a bit ala Shadow of the colossus. The fact you have to kill Lizards in order to increase Link's endurance bar could very well be a wink from the creators to that game XD
I'm curious to see how it will play out in the end but it's definitely a game with a lot of potential if Nintendo play they cards right :)

-The reboot of Quake by Bethesda is intriguing. I played the series up to the 3 a LOT. If they manage to recreate the fast and hectic gameplay, it can be something to looks forward to :3

-And lastly Dishonored 2. The 1 is not a game I played myself, rather I watched somebody plays it but the universe building is pretty amazing and, for having seen an exhibition showcasing some of the concept art of the game and all the thought process behind it, I'm especially interested in what they are going to offer here. They have insisted into that aspect a lot in their presentation.

That's mostly it :D What about you? :3

I have to say though, I do play games but 98% of them are small games made by small studios. It's been years now I didn't bought a game made by a big developer.. I tend to find that indies developers show a ton more creativity and more passion in their creations than the big ones, who are so terrified of falling because of the dozens of millions involved in their trade that they become literally paralyzed by the stakes and condemn themselves to forever produce rather similar and samey products with very little audacity and soul to them. There are exception of course ! ( like the the Witcher series or Dark souls for example ), but they tend to be quite rare sadly..

Also I am sorry if my rhythm of posting has been a little slow and I have been unresponsive.. I had to deal with a lot of things those last few days, involving floods  ( it has been a a big problem here in France recently ) and helping a friend to move ^^;

Lastly my heart is with the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families... This is such an horrible tragedy : /


Sun May 22, 2016, 10:27 AM

Aka "Boku Dake ga Inai Machi"

It's been a while I didn't review an anime ^^  Sadly I have been slowing down on them and I'm not really up-to-date but I'm trying to correct that !

Erased is the story of Satoru, a young man in his late 20s living a rather bland life, working part-time as a pizza delivery man. However he possesses the power to come back in time.  Whenever someone in his vicinity is in a deadly danger, he is sometimes pulled back in time before the accident happens. he keeps a reminiscence of the situation like a "déjà vu" and is given a chance to try to prevent the person's death.
However Satoru become embroiled in a sordid murder case and is wrongfully accused. He will then use his power to prevent the murder for ever happening in the first place. The problem is it took place because of mysterious events from long long ago...

That anime is very pleasant to watch ^^  It's gripping, heartfelt, with some really beautiful moments. The theme is also interesting. Ever felt like you made a mistake in life and wanted to come back in time to fix it?  There is definitely a Life is strange-ish feel to it :D

The anime is not perfect :  the story is rather predictable in places, some characters are pretty forgettable and the time-traveling feel sometimes relegated to being a pretext.
but it's thrilling, it builds up well and it shines through its attaching characters and their well-developed relationship. In the end it's a beautiful tale about friendship and learning to know others. I really recommend it :) 

And you are there some good animes you watched recently ? 
Next I'm probably going to watch Log Horizon I think :3

Slither io

Sun May 1, 2016, 12:16 PM

You remember that game ?  where you played a cell and tried to eat others ? Well this time it's with snakes :D
It's a small catchy game XP
The commands are very simple : just move with the mouse, hold left click to perform a speed boost at the expense of your lenght and you're set !

And be careful if you meet a blue and yellow snake named Crisis X3

What is hour highest score ? mine is 42 349 ^^

Vore FAQ and news

Wed Apr 27, 2016, 11:34 AM

Here is a little FAQ about my personal views on vore since it's a question that come back often :)

-What is vore? 

It's also referred to as vorarephilia, voreaphilia and phagophilia and it can be described as a fetish/fantasy about the act of consumption in which a person fantasizes about eating another person or creature, or being eaten themselves, or watching another be eaten. That's the gist of it and from there it branches out in multiple directions and sub-fetishes, some of them very specific. Felarya for one has been build on "soft vore", where the prey is devoured whole and alive.

-Why are you into vore ? 

It's a little difficult to explain if you are not into vore yourself ^^ For me it's kind of something completely natural. I have always been a voraphile and probably always will be. It's a thing that has been with me since I was 5 or so. At this time I was already making little drawings of monsters eating people and I was fascinated by cartoons where characters got swallowed whole. I just kept that for myself as I grew up and I was convinced I was the only one in the world with that bizarre fixation and I just let it sleep.
Then one day I discovered the word "vore" completely by chance on internet. That was such a shock ! I suddenly realized that, far from being the only one, there was actually a LOT of people sharing this fetish and many creations around it. Back then I must have browsed forums non stop for days to catch up ^^ Then I decided to start drawing under the name Karbo and the rest is history ;p  In truth it was one of the most liberating experience in my whole life as my voraphilia was a big secret for me back then and being able to share it entirely freely felt incredibly refreshing :)

-What do you find the most appealing in vore ?

For the most part I'm into giantess soft vore. The main aspects that interest me in a vore scenario is the feeling of anticipation and inevitability of the situation versus the fear and the struggles of the prey to escape their fate.
For example imagine a surface that is slowly titling back and when the angle becomes too great, the prey slides right into the maw of a waiting predator. Or consider a thread that is tied to the prey's ankle that the pred slowly slurps up like a spaghetti. It's pretty visible in Princess duty :3

Mature Content

Mystiniel vore by Karbo

However that feeling of anticipation can also be build purely from the interaction between predator and prey, through words or even just a glance. For example the prey talks with the pred and slowly realizes what awaits them because of the path the conversation is taking, or because they hear an ominous growl from the belly of the pred or something. The prey then tries to talk their way out while the pred just teases and plays along. What is important for me in vore though is that being eaten is a fate that the prey must struggle to avoid at all cost. A willing, submissive (or worse: worshiping) prey basically kills any interest I have in a vorish situation. Some voraphiles enjoy vore when it's sweet, cuddly and harmless but it's not my case ^^ ;

The second important thing in vore is the act of swallowing itself that always fascinated me for some reasons. That same feeling of anticipation come back here when the prey sees the throat in the back of the mouth ready to engulf them. Despite their struggles, they slip in, are grabbed by the esophageal muscles, and gulped down. Like a lots of voraphiles, I love to see visible bulges going down the neck as the last visible trace of the prey and indication that they are well en route to the stomach. Seeing the contented face of the pred at this very moment is also something fascinating. The bulge thing works especially well if it is seen by witnesses and potential future prey ( more anticipation ! )
Digestion is another important part, as it's the logical conclusion of the previous scene and it's here to show what the prey was trying to avoid in the first place. However I'm not really for seeing gory stuff. I prefer to keep it relatively soft, and the actual digestion taking place being suggested from the outside, either by gurgling sounds, burps, cries of despair or comments made by the pred that let you imagine what is going on in there.

On top of all that I have a particular interest for characters that looks cute and innocent but who are actually deadly and dangerous. I always found it an interesting dichotomy and not only in vore ^^ Although it's a little less prevalent than before. So yeah it's a mixed bag. You can ask 10 voraphiles what they like in vore and you will likely get 10 different answers as there is a lot of different aspect one may or may not enjoy ^^

Yeah if you aren't into Vore, reading that must be pretty bizarre and dark to you XD  It's just a pure fantasy though and is pretty harmless as far as fetishes in general go I think :)

-Which artists inspired you to draw vore ? 

My inspirations are diverse but the first drawing I saw that decided me to start drawing vore is a picture from the Japanese artist Kissa-G. And also the work of Lz2483, a prolific poser artist back then whose work was the first thing I saw of giantess vore ever ^^
Kemo is another Japanese artist whose art had a big influence on my work as well as a great friend. He gave me a ton of tips and advices on drawing, especially expressions :3

Geez this is turning into quite a trip to memory lane now XD

I'll also cite Abraxa who is the one who pointed me to DA and suggested I made an account there.
Frakass and Duamutef as well who both created their own vore universe and inspired me to start my own back then :)

And that's it I think. Don't hesitate to share your own experience with vore here, I'm quite curious  :D

Concerning future projects, I have two comics I am working on right now ^^ ( the WIP pages can be seen on my Patreon ) The two of them will be very vore-focused, about a dozen pages long each and in color :)
And yup they will be free once finished ;3
Stay tuned !


Drawing tips !

Tue Mar 29, 2016, 8:39 AM

There are several of you lately who asked me for tips on drawing and how to improve your art :)

It's both complicated and easy to respond to that question.
The gist of it is : practice !

The main condition to become better in drawing is to work a lot, to be motivated, and to never give up under any circumstances. So draw draw, draw ! An ideal time is at least one hour of drawing per day I think. More if possible and steadily.
The best way is to draw from real life, going out in the street or in the bus, train, and drawing people there. It's very difficult as they are constantly in motion but there is simply no better way to train yourself. That's because the human body is both very complex and yet we are used to see it daily. This means our eyes have become very good at immediately picking errors on it. So once you are able to draw the human body well, you are set up to be able to draw anything. Drawing in motion also train your eyes to pick quickly the important lines in a pose. That's very valuable when you draw.
Try to always have a block of paper with you. for example if you are queuing in a shop, take your block out and start drawing ! the more you draw, the better you will become, this is really as simple as that ! :3

Drawing a lot enable what I call "flashes" for lack of a better word XP  A special moment where you suddenly just "get it". Suddenly you just realize how the articulation of the arm works in a given position, how the light behave on a curved surface etc..  Everything seem to become clearer, easier as a result until it becomes your new standard and until the next "flash" :D 
Having those flash is also extremely motivating and inspiring and spur you into drawing more, getting more of those flashes as a result and creating a virtuous circle. An artist in the right state of mind can make tremendous progress in a very short time. You can advance more in 6 months than in 4 whole years.

A good way to accelerate the process is to look into anatomy books too. Sure it might look boring at first but they are an invaluable resource to understand what you are drawing and how the human body works ^^ If you keep drawing hands again and again , sure you are eventually going to become good at it, but if you draw hands while knowing what is going under the flesh, you are going to cut the time by half or more.

Also another (shocking !) advice for aspiring artist out there is to not get stuck with the anime style !
Now don't get me wrong ! XD I love it of course and I think it's awesome =p
But if you are learning to draw, anime style can become a bit of a trap. You see, body proportions in animes are inherently false for the sake of dynamism and expressivity, voluntarily simplified and exaggerated. There is nothing wrong with that of course and this is what make anime such an expressive style in the first place. But you have to stay aware of that. And if you really want to become better in drawing, I think it makes a lot more sense to start at some point to drawi from real life and then once you get it , switch progressively to the style that appeal to you the most. Learning to draw solely based on a style... yeah it's a bit dangerous and can lead to a state of stagnation where you feel you are stuck at a certain point and unable to go past it. 

I hope it can help ! And remember : Draw, draw, draw, draw ! ;3

Here is the link to a couple others journals on various aspects of drawing if you are interested :)  :

Observations about paintingAs of late I have really been into painting and trying new things here and there.
And I have realized some things about painting that I now think are worth sharing ( though they are only my personal observations and shouldn't be even remotely taken as the truth out there =p )
The first thing I discovered is that the rules of painting are very simple. Now I didn't say "easy"  ! XD  Mastering painting will most likely require an entire lifetime...
But what one must keep in mind is that painting is all about shapes and lighting. The more I look into the work of great painters, the more I realize there is no such things as colors in painting, more "colored lighting"
Even in real life, an object can virtually be of any colors when placed in the right environment. For example, let's imagine a human figure that has green skin.  On a white or unappropriate  background, you would think it's an orc or something but certainly not an human. Yet place it the
Drawing tools and stuffSome very useful sites for drawers :D
This one has been running for years now and is constantly growing. What make it so unique is that the the figures are 3d skinless renders that let you see all the muscles and you can turn and rotate them in every posible angles ^^
I find it most useful for the fast drawing personally. Here you can set your timer at 10, 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds, and the pose will change accordingly. No possible cheating on the time too, once the pose is gone it's gone :3
So you have to draw fast, visualize quickly the important lines of the body and it's an excellent exercice ! It's a bit like having a life model drawing session at home that you can use whenever you want. Of course it's nothing like having a *real* live model session but those are usually quite expensive and not something you can do every days. Plus the fact the figures are floating in Posemaniac allow drawing them in otherwise impossible angles. Having the muscles showin
What are art blocksI was speaking with a friend a little while ago about the dreaded art block.
It happens sometimes : you feel demoralized about your work, you feel that no matter what you try you are stagnating, you have lost your momentum and it turn your motivation off.
It's a pretty bad feeling but there is an important thing to know about art blocks :  They are a  totally natural process !
I don't know a single artist that don't have them from time to time. There are just days where all you do feel like crap and just the idea of drawing is painful.
I had my share of them so here is my personal take on them and how to fight them :)
The first thing that is important to mention is I don't think it's actually possible to stagnate when you draw regularly, let alone regressing.  Each time you draw, you become a little bit better , it's really as simple as that ! :D It varies from the type of drawing you do of course but there is always something you pick while drawing : you become faster a
Art sitesI had a long discussion with a friend a little while ago about art sites and Deviantart.
Personally I think DA is a wonderful site but it's not really an art site. It's essentially an enormous social network based on art. It's a formidable way to showcase your work, to get exposure and to build communities... It's filled with some very inspirational pieces, and is a great place way to meet friends.
But...  the fact is, if you are an artist and you are really serious about improving your art to eventually become a professional, you won't improve very much if you stay there only. DA's format is not really meant for that... Most of the time you will get friendly thumbs up and warm pats in the back. While it feels nice, this is not what make you become a better artist. The critique system is rather poorly made as well; when you post a critique, it comes at the top of the page where everyone can see it which can be both a little bit intimidating and even create some dramas sometim

Courage Belgium

Tue Mar 22, 2016, 5:27 PM

I hate writing these journals that have sadly become too frequent..

But today there was a deadly terrorist attack in Belgium. It took place in an airport in Brussel and in the subway and it did many many dead and wounded. The pictures we can see from it are absolutely heartbreaking : /  I keep having chills down my spine looking at them. So many innocent lives extinguished in an instant..

All my thought go to the families of the victims and to all Belgian people in those dark hours. We all stand with you and against those murderous barbarians.
Courage !