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August 21, 2012
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Visions of Felarya by Karbo Visions of Felarya by Karbo
A bunch of landscape pictures I started during my vacations :)
I think I'll turn some of them into colored illustrations eventually :3
The challenge is to try and guess from which spot of Felarya they are =p
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Tired of me yet, kind sir? Or has no one bothered to study you this hard? I know, I'm a pest... In either case, let's go!

This is probably the best piece I've seen you do. An amalgamation of landscapes done in a pen and ink style. I also like the general Black and White color schemes, makes me think of the designs my instructor showed me for his Design 1 class which were really good.

With the individual landscapes, the perspective of each is amazing. Each one in particular is an adventure in its own. The low angles, high angles and the flow of each scene depicts your world at it's finest. They also give off a certain atmosphere to make the viewer feel something. They're all great.

The design of each panel is quite good. All of them are interesting. My favorite ones in this are Row 2, Columns 3,4 and Row 4, Column 2. They're particularly elegant because they're very simple. There isn't much information being displayed and creates just a very beautiful and serene feel.

Your line variation here is at it's best. The textures look like they belong to each environment. Shading works well, too.

The only thing I would like is some of these landscapes done in the style of Yoshitaka Amano. His particular style is very loose and painterly, and your work is particularly tight and precise. I'm not saying any of these are bad drawings, but it would be visually and technically different. I dunno, maybe I want to see you branch out occasionally.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful piece. B and W scheme, detailed landscapes and great designs. This also really makes me want to do a landscape I've had in my head for a while. Keep on keeping on, Grand Sire.
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I'll tell ya this will my first offical critique. Since I first saw this picture, it's very nice; when I click it(to look closer), I go WHOA!!. It's very unique details of what is it like being in your created world of Felarya. This art got heck alot of details(since you're on vacation) and fan of ur work, I say it's far more than fascinating and awsome. :jawdrop:
For the landscapes, find that all of them were nicely done and not needed of giving out negative opinions; I was curious about the 3rd row down - 1st picture from the left, it took me to realize about this landscape and probably it's one of floating islands used on other sci-fi movie like Avatar. Keep up good work brah! :headbang:
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:iconwhitestormclouds:'s like if a Pink Floyd song could be seen instead of heard...
Karbo Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
i wanna go there :D
Zingam Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are these digitally drawn? How do you make such drawings? I am trying to achieve such technique digitally (with an Intuos 4 tablet) but I cannot achive such acurate strokes.
Man i love Felarya though i'd have to be one of my Delve' to last more then a day there
Scurron Feb 14, 2013  Student General Artist
This'll be hard.
1. Really dunno.
2. Sea of sinking sand.
3. Underground?
4. Prayaga island.
5. Doesn't ring any bells..
6. The mountains above Evernight.
7. and 8. I'm terrible at the underground. Could be some passes leading from Negav to Ascarlin?
9. Bridge of the huntress.
10. Misty glade?
11. and 12. I have no idea...
13. Lakelands. :XD: Dunno, really... I'm such a disappointment. :no:
14. Shimmering sea.
15. Great marshes.
16. Chidokai?

I tried to guess these without using the map :XD: Your work is really inspiring to me, so I try to absorb as much of the Felaryan lore as possible... it's just pure awesomeness, like reading a real encyclopedia but with things that are slightly more interesting. :nod:
11 is bridge of the huntress
Karbo Mar 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
mhh this is 5 right XD
but to be fiar those are really pretty basic so it's not easy to recognize anything ^^ ;
Scurron Mar 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Aw. xD
Doesn't matter, they're still very good. I had my fun. :XD:
Nice! Wonderful detail in all of the pieces. I look forward to seeing more.
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