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November 9, 2012
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Tobol mountains by Karbo Tobol mountains by Karbo
A vison of the Tobol mountains and its vertical cliffs running alongside the evernight forest far below. And a family of braeliths preparing to settle for the night :3

Credits to Jasconius for the Braelith idea.
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Amazing work on the landscapes once again. Great prospective POVing.
The extra dark clouds in the background seem a bit off to me though.
I know what you were trying to do with them, but they just seem out
of contrast to the rest of the sky content, and seem to interrupt
the progression. Actually maybe it's the white clouds that are a bit
out of place now that I study it a bit more. I'm not sure now, but
either the progression of the background clouds should be reversed
or something should be done with the too-white clouds.

I like the design of the Braelith, though the front paws on the one
walking on all fours don't quite seem consistent with having
opposable thumbs, though I know it's hard to put much detail in that
small a space. The rest of the poses seem fairly natural and
"alive". The solitary one sitting in the far off cave raised a
question of how did it get there. You show all the others climbing
vines or walking on a ledge, but none are climbing the actual bare
cliff face. It's possible the cave connects somewhere else, but it
did prompt me to wonder.
What I do love is the subtle shading on the cliff face and the
forest below. For the most part the shading obviously follows the
prominent light source, and I like the subdued colors of the fauna
throughout the pic.

I always like your landscape/setting drawings and this one did not
disappoint Hope this helps and keep up the good work! ^.^
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My, oh my. This is looking gorgeous once again, kind sir. So let me detract from it's value with my input. Perhaps...

Another landscape piece. As I've said before these tend to be some of your best work, in my opinion. As far as the general stuff goes the textures are good, the perspective and design are great.

Now, it seems you're working with perspective a tad bit more in a way that we usually don't see. It's usually from a low angle looking up, from what works of yours I've seen. With this piece it shows that you know how to capture both. I will say that the vanishing points for the two cliff faces seems to be off. I can see they're correct and are pointing at the same direction, but with the fact that the vanishing point is on the picture plain it can easily distort itself. That and considering that the other cliff seems to be more visible than it should be.

The landscape itself is wonderful. The rock textures are rocky and the vegetation is greatly detailed. I'd have to say that the analogous color scheme is probably my favorite thing about this. Since we've started color theory in my Design class, it's kind of nice to be able to point it out. It goes from blue-green to red violet, which is actually about half the color wheel. And they're evenly placed with an emphasis on the violets, so all the colors have something to latch onto. The one thing that sort of bugs me is the small trio of white clouds. They're small and out of the main focus of the drawing, but they feel very off, as the critique before me states. I hate to use this word, but they're jarring. But one small detail really caught my eye that makes this whole piece even better, is the small trail of lights down in the forest. They're small little dots of oranges, but they make this piece really stand out.

Now, the perspective is something that is sort of distorting the creatures themselves. We have the owl-bears in the mid ground that look relatively proportional to themselves. The one on the vine looks like it's leg is offly hinged, but whatever, it's not bad looking. But there is one just to the right that looks like it's naught a few inches away and is much smaller than the other one. I know you're trying to show that there is distance between the two, but the lines suggest they're actually closer, especially since they're on the same cliff. I don't know how that happened, or could happen. Do these creatures vary in size? Ah, I'm nitpicking now, so I'll stop.

Once again, a beautiful addition to the grand scope of Felarya. And forgive me if I seem like I was nitpicking. I'm still trying to figure this whole, "art" thing out. Keep on creating, Grand Sire.
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MaxAlokin Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
teddy bears!! :iconkermityayplz:
Stuff like this makes me want to explore Felarya.
(The vore makes me want to have a video recording probe do the work for me.)
I came for the vore, I stayed for the scenery.
Karbo Jan 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you ^^
I saw this piece days ago, but I've been too at a loss for words to come up with anything interesting to say about it. I keep sifting around in my head, looking for SOMETHING, but for once, I can't. It's just really cool and the colors make it pop as the alien setting Felarya truly is. That's not much, but it's all I could think of to say.
Karbo Dec 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thank you ! :D
FiendOFDA Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Kinda reminds me of moebius illustration
Karbo Dec 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I take that as a BIG compliment XD
FiendOFDA Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You should take it as a compliment! :D if someone told me that i'd ecstatic.
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