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December 21, 2012
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I love the idea and how it all just fits with the time of year and I am quite curious to see how this will end. I see where this was headed and think it achieved it but it really did lack in the originality area by just doing what so much art already does, mocking the Mayan Calendar and that has been done to death. I love most art you do and this is included but I just think that you could do better in originality. But this is the first doomsday thing I have ever found sexy so thumbs up.
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Alright. A new drawing, so some new commentary by karbo's favorite vermin: a lesser being. And because it's the end of the world, I've decided to do some slightly heavier drinking than normal. So, this critique will be different because I'm not only talking about art while there's alcohol in my body, but I'm also watching a review of the Hobbit, so you might see something about the high frame rate in this drawing, even though there is no frame rate. So, let's get started. Ugh-!

Alright, so I'll start by saying that this concept is creative, but at the same time it was sort of predictable. It's a charming idea, the girl eating the earth, but honestly I was half expecting Crisis in this picture. But it's a great concept. The other thing I was going to say that the color scheme is what I really like about this drawing. It's a complimentary color scheme of oranges and blues, and I believe they're even as far as usage goes. There's no dominant color here, so it's balanced out.

Now, I haven't talked about your airbrushing style too often, because your most recent recent work has been more of solid color usage. It's sort of refreshing to see this style again. For the most part, its used very well, especially the highlights. They're abrupt enough that they're not lost in the over all form. Her shoulder highlight might be slightly out of place, but that's could be because of the flames as a light source. And in this you're also using hatching for some of the more intense shadowing. It's very effective. Oogh, it's getting hard to focus on art with boooooooooze...

Alright, the line quality in this drawing seems to be a bit more pronounced. I wonder who was harping on you about that... Its used to an advantage about the the girl's form to give her a little bit more dimension. Especially on her gold headdress. The only complaint about the lines I have is that the fire isn't as chaotic as I would imagine it. Perhaps that's the beer talking, but it also has to do with the color jumps in the fire. I've mentioned before that your airbrushing style can make things appear too softly, this is one of those cases. Flames need to not only have insane line designs but they also need the appropriate color jumps. This sort of gives off the vibe that it's just a collaboration of fancy ostrich feathers. It looks alright, and I don't want to be mean, but I am giving a critique. Her mouth also looks a bit shaky, like you had some coffee before drawing it.

I do have to say that this seems to be your first time drawing a space backdrop, or galaxy thing. It's fairly well done, but there could be more colored shapes to give the impression of that there's more out there. Man, this beer's getting to me... Maybe I should stop before things get worse...

So, besides the standard framerate of this drawing being better than the high framerate version, it's very well done. Good colors, great style, but a some problematic fire. It's a great thing you let me talk inanely about your work, despite not actually doing anything. In either case, I hope you keep creating, Grand Sire.
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La fin du monde!
devianartpassword Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww... 2012's come and gone and still no giga girl has come to eat us all... Oh well! Still a great picture!
too late for this outcome.
oh ,I wish that was true!
Like always, this shows your amazing drawing talents, your sense of humor and big boobs. But I would like to say, instead of wearing that ridiculous hat on your head... Cover yourself up a little... Sheesh.

I also came here to ask you Karbo, if you right your own story's or if someone else rights them. Either way, while your artwork is very detailed, your story's leave MUCH to be desired. Plotlines are predictable, characters are mentally disturbed and an over use of summing up anywhere that you cant really explain with "Maaagiiccc", "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (Doctor whooo :D)" And "Uhh... BOOBS."
RichDXtreme247 Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Even though 2012 Apocolypse is fake and over THIS is ONE
apocolypse that I will LOVE!
:iconomg--plz: It's Unicron's cousin! To the ships! Get to the ships, it's our only chance!
Perseus1258 Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
it's probably more like his mom or something, unicron is only barely larger than cybertron and earth is about 3 or 4 time the size of cybertron (probably more), still, your only hope it to fly like hell and hope you don't get noticed
Good one!!!
They did'nt know - they just assumed! ;)
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