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December 14, 2013
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At least we have Vivian :D  With her cold colors, I thought she would be good for January :3
I struggled quite a bit with that pose, with the perspective and that angle it's really harder than it might looks. I hope it does Vivian justice though. Thanks a lot to all people who gave me feedbacks during the WIP. As always it was very helpful ! :)
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Well, how can I begin? I've got to say that I was confused by the birds in the air at first. With a line of "stuff" happening bottom-to-top, right-to-left, the dark shapes against the sky threw me off.

Secondly, the lights (fireflies?) in the dark area at the right did distract me quite a bit. I understood what they were doing when up against the rest of the portrait, but specks of light on a nearly dark background do bewilder me.

As always, your use of perspective and angle makes the piece interesting to view, and a pleasure to see. It does give me the slightest sense of disorientation, which I find marvellous when combined with Vivian's stare.

All in all, one of your gems. :]
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The sky here is extremely well done! You’ve got the nebulous clouds of purple in space and then the light blue atmospheric clouds reflecting the moonlight, together they give the sky a very compelling otherworldly and magical feel that one would expect in such a strange land such as felarya :). The mist you added floating around Vivian’s body is a nice new venture that you took on as I haven’t seen that tactic used before this piece in your work. The mist clouds really help serve as a reference knowing her size, among other elements, I especially like that one wisp circulating around her breast. For me that image calls up references to depictions of mountains with clouds swirling around the top. I would definitely give the thumbs up to using those misty effects in your next works :D. I would say however that the mist clouds should have a less definite edge than what they possess in this picture so they more fade out rather than appearing as a confined unit as is more common of atmospheric (sky I mean) clouds, still a nice decision overall.

Your use of lighting is spot on here! You’ve really taken that ‘backlighting’ sort of approach you used in Iridan’s picture and driven it to a new height. Those fine lines of light on Vivian’s face, breasts and tail are very sure and exact in their execution and you’ve used a very nice gradient going from that light blue to that strong white within those small streaks of light giving her skin a very cool reflective shine. The tiny reflections on her leftmost nipple work very well in giving them a three dimensional quality. Then that patch of light on her rightmost breast seems to be providing us a pretty good reflection of the actual moon through its circular form. Once again, although the moon (or a moon seeing as these are the changing skys of felarya) is outside of our view, as in your depiction of Shillapo island, we get a good sense of its presence through your great use of lighting.

The fusion of your painting and drawing styles you’ve been attempting in your last few works is a pretty exciting venture that I’m really looking forward to seeing develop even more :D. like how in this one, although predominantly painterly, you have little hints of line in the rendering of vivians body and face. It worked especially well in giving viv’s eyes that sharp look, playing well into her cunning trickster method of trapping prey, and having those eyes directed right towards us makes that element even stronger =P. Her facial expression in general is working well in communicating her usual seductive self lol , perhaps even moreso right now, that little bit of blush on her cheeks and lowered eyelids letting on that she may have partaken of some of her ‘special herbs’ recently lol. I would say however that her mouth could possibly do with some adjusting. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I think that bottom lip feels a bit like its not rounding her face exactly right when w can see evidences of where her open mouth is on the other side, but that is a very minor adjustment. I think the tip of her tongue could do with some fattening as well, Its not the outline of the shape that’s setting me off, but I think the shading currently on it makes it seem just a bit too flattened, again a very minor adjustment to improve that.

I would say that her hair feels a little bit strange with that sudden break in rendering between her bangs and the locks on the ground, but more so I think its that lumped together quality given off by that one piece of hair sticking up by her neck. The stranded quality is emphasized well in your rendering of the hair on the ground, but that one piece seems a bit block like. In my opinion it way have needed some degree of splitting into two strands near its tip to get that more natural look. Or maybe instead go with the full anime/ outlined look of her bangs for the rest of her hair to harmonize with the plentiful use of lines already used in rendering her face. Im not exactly sure, it may not be one of my suggestions, but I know there’s something that could be done to make that area even stronger!

The more clear rendering of scale texture is also a really cool innovation that you’ve employed in this image as well and the Anna painting, however I do feel that this one has done it exceptionally well, they are more subtly rendered here in contrast to the Anna image, only showing up when the light and shadow permit a description of their forms, blending together in areas of less contrast, but fel that effect is more true to their nature .

The foreground elements (the tree shadows to the side and the grassy ground below) I feel were a really nice touch! Adding a lot of different elements to the work. First they almost act like a frame for the presentation of everything within. I wouldn’t prescribe this sort of square framing for every piece, but here, the squaring off works well with Vivian, who almost always seems to be striking a pose to draw in new prey :D, The framing creating that picturesque that Vivian almost always tries to emulate for those beholding her body.

Secondly the tropical looking tree silhouettes to the side help produce that wild jungle ambience that might be missing otherwise. They also generate that POV aesthetic and help the picutre’s depth a lot, Both putting us within the image and making us feel appropriately small next to the giant naga. The ground at the bottom of the image is also working very well in this regard as well, creating that sense of distance and size between us and Vivian. It also provides a walking space by which we could walk right up to her (which shes obviously trying to get us to do lol). Its working well as it is currently but I do feel that the illusion of being ‘there’ and ‘small’ could be pushed even further if perhaps there was a bit more perspective on that particular area, maybe some bushes/ plantlife that look closer to us, like…perspectively larger, and maybe a bit more perspective on the ground itself. Right now I do feel like im floating just a little bit, unable to feel entirely like I’m standing right there and disabling that fully the POV effect that I feel would work really well if pushed further here.

For the background. I feel like it’s a bit disjointed formally from the trees in the foreground. Those trees in the far distance seem to be letting on of a very different type of forest to the ones in the foreground. The trees in tha background seem very much like pine trees/ cold forest type, whereas the foreground silhouettes feel very tropical , as I more imagine this area of felarya being. So I definitely think something could be done here to bring them in line with each other in that regard. Another things I find a bit strange is the suggestion of a big flat expanse given by that ground beyond Vivian’s tail. Im sure that could exist there , but looking at the jungled nature of the rest of the image I would imagine there would be a bit more plantlife over there at least maybe some small bushes or something of the like.

The cliff area is quite a beautifull part of the image . I really love how the lighting and shading here gives that sense of ruggedness. The trees both on top of the cliffs and down by Vivian’s head are very compellingly three dimensional in their rendering, very nice use of that deep dark shading in the spaces between the clumps of foliage . The fruit bearing branches in the foreground are a nice touch as well, that one fruit hanging right above Vivians mouth, speaking to that notion of food that we most likely will become if we continue to stand here lol. The little glowing bugs are a nice addition as well, really drive forward that nightie ambience and give a cool counterpoint to the starry sky :D. The birds in flight however, although I feel are appropriate, do feel a little blobby, I know, considering this is Felarya, those may not be something we would understand as birds lol, but whatever they are I do feel they could be given a little more definite forms.

One last suggestion would be to give Vivians arm a bit more looseness or movement, currently it feels a little tensed, her hand looking as if its clenched a bit, which doesn’t fit that well with her relaxed pose. Maybe flattening those knuckle bumps could do it, but I’m actually imagining an entirely different pose for the arm, it raising up slightly in preparation to reach out and grab us lol . But for a minimal fix I think reducing the knuckle bumps would be fine .

A really cool pic overall although the POV isn’t entirely complete I do feel drawn in and beginning to come under Vivians charm, despite the obvious danger present in her body size and that look of seductive hunger I still feel like I would linger around for a bit. It’s a very interesting take on Vivian, she almost looks sorta cuddly in this one rather than just straight out sexually predatory as she can be sometimes lol. And that beautiful atmosphere you’ve created here really does make the scene even more comforting even for one set in the middle of the night. Very nice one with a lot of neat new technical developments!
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iGak124 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  New member
That settles it... I'm going to felarya :D
Demon57 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
She's too beautiful and dangerous for me. Beautifully done! :D
Blackfire2Q Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Artist
Ok I don't care if this has nothing to do with the picture, I don't care if no one (even the artist) gets it buuuuut. :iconspyplz: sudce me
Malifikyse Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work )
Prophet9937 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Vivian is defiantly my fav naga
jt1155 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
You've done very  well on this, the perspective is great, it actually seems as though you're looking up at her. In fact the magnitude of her size really shows. I love the colouring, it's simply beautiful. And the sky is just amazing.
Karbo Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
CrypticMachine Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Vivian is one of my favorite characters in your Felarya series.She is so pretty. I really like the colors in this painting too.
eevee2espionfan2 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
my question. why isnt she wearing a shirt?
a cloth anything? my brain is asking so many questions.... however the boobs are making me shut up
Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Have you made a shirt possibly the half size of the Chrysler building in NY? 
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